What can our GB Olympic champions teach you about selling your home?

Have you been gripped by Olympic fever? We certainly have, the inspiring athletes pushing themselves and their bodies to the extreme to have a chance of winning a medal. A place where one wobble, a slight error in judgment and a tenth of a second can mean the difference between a being on the podium or not. But what can these Olympians teach you about selling your home?



When our athletes talk about their journey, they tell stories of years of hard work, sacrifices and complete dedication to their next goal. Selling a home requires dedication, it is the time you put into decluttering, cleaning, DIY and staging your property so it can be the best version of itself when the photographs are taken and viewings begin.



Our athletes don’t get to the top of their game on their own, it takes a whole team of people who trust and believe in each other. As an athlete trusts their coach, you should trust the estate agent you choose to always have your property’s best interest as their priority.



The athletes have been in training camps during the lead up to the games,  so they can focus as a team. They look at every single detail of their performance and see if they is a way they can improve. Look at your property through the eyes of a buyer and not as your home, you will see soon things that maybe with a little tweak could improve the presentation of your apartment.



The pressure is unbelievable; you can see it on their faces as they strive to perform their best on the day that matters. Every viewing is a final; your home needs to put on the best display to win the hearts of the buyers. Think about the details, how can you make your apartment feel like their home?


Listening and acting on feedback

To improve you have to listen and act on the feedback given to you. To sell your home for the highest possible price, we ask that you do the same. Any feedback we give you will be in the best interest for your apartment; therefore acting on our feedback could actually increase the value of the offers you receive.


It’s not over until it's over

There have been so many nail-biting finals, where things have not gone according to plan. Offers are only the first step of the sales process, therefore you must react quickly to any requests for documentation to help the sale move forward. At The Apartment Company, we work tirelessly with each sale, liaising with all parties involved to ensure it is moving in the right direction, never letting up until the keys are placed in the hand of your buyer.


Never think of selling your home as a chore, get into the mindset of an Olympian and see it as a goal. If you’re dedicated, trust your estate agent, prepare your property to perfection, know how to ensure your property performs to the best of its ability, listen and react to feedback and never let up until you have completed. You too will be a champion and your gold medal will be a successful sale.

Let The Apartment Company be part your selling success story.