What Mog teaches us about estate agent service?

We all know first impressions count, and at this time of year the Christmas Adverts are trying to win our hearts as well as our loyalty.  The competition for the best Christmas advert is always an interesting one; the big brands pull out their creative and emotive specialists to produce a memorable experience that will instill customer loyalty all year round.

I’m sure like us, the Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert with the lovable Mog, whose little nightmare led to a series of disastrous events, has grabbed your attention.  It shows us how kindness and understanding needs can turn a bad situation into a wonderful one.

With many estate agents in the area, how do you choose the right one for you and your property?  We all sell a property and offer the same service but what sets one agent apart from the other?

Firstly - Do your research; you need to ensure that the agent you choose is the right agent for your home.   We would not be the right agent for every home on the market because we are specialists.  What are the advantages of using a specialist agent, such as The Apartment Company?

·      All the clients on their mailing list are seeking a property in their niche.

·      Being a specialist means there is nothing they don’t know about their market.

·      They know the type of people buying what and where.

·      Their service is personally crafted to the specific needs of their specialism.

·      Their advice is honest and realistic and specific to you.

Secondly – Interview.  Requesting an appraisal on your property is an opportunity for you to interview the agents and challenge them on why they are the best agent to sell your home.

·      Have they sold similar properties in the area?

·      What is the average time from listing to sale?

·      How do they proactively attract potential buyers?

·      What strategy do they have to market your home?

·      Do they have reports and evidence to support the above?


The appraisal is another opportunity to share our knowledge and experience.  In effect, the appraisal is our Christmas advert, our opportunity to make a memorable impression.

At the Apartment Company, we want to understand your needs to be able to find you, or sell your apartment.  Moving can be stressful therefore we believe that a touch of kindness can make all the difference.

If, like Mog, your property journey has been troubled, maybe you should try a specialist agent for a pleasurable and memorable experience.