Who are the biggest spenders when it comes to home improvements?

How we used our homes has changed over the years, it is only 40 years ago when it was still acceptable to not have an indoor toilet and when only 37% of households had central heating. Technology has played a part in how we spend time together and apart as a family and even our homes can felt restrictive when it comes to family time. In such a short space of time, it's fascinating to see how far things have come yet the need increased for improved spaces within our homes has been highlighted in a recent survey.

According to the leading window manufacturer Velux®, 47% of the UK homeowners surveyed plan to undertake renovation work in their homes within the next 6 months. With a greater number (72%) looking to start their makeovers in the next few weeks. But most interestingly 10% of those looking to improve their homes cited the main reason was because they simply wanted more family time and are willing to spend to turn their plans into reality. The average spend of home improvements state Velux is £6,444 whereas the so-called ‘family timers’ average spend is more than double at £15,589.

With many of our properties in Bath being of a period style, it can prove tricky when it comes to renovation, especially if your property is listed. It is certainly one element you should explore fully when you are looking to buy an apartment in Bath, can your plans for this new home actually be realised?


There are three types of listings Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II, which account for over 370,000 properties in England, so what is the difference?

Grade I - these buildings are considered to be of exceptional interest

Grade II* - these are particularly important buildings of more than special interest

Grade II - these are buildings of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them

A period property is one that many of us dream of owning, it is certainly on the top of a wish list of potential buyers within Bath. When we’re selling a listed property we want you to understand what that means in reality, some potential buyers are put off by the ‘red type; without truly knowing how it affects their property. A Grade-II listed property has fewer restrictions than those that are Grade-II* and a Grade-I. The biggest trap people fall into is assumptions without actually applying to their local authority to find out all the facts. The Bath & North Somerset Council’s conservation and planning team are always on hand to advise prior to making any decision on whether to purchase.

Owners of listed properties often see themselves as custodians of our heritage, protecting the past for our future selves to enjoy and take pleasure in. Just because you own a period apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t transform it into the family time home you need through careful planning and decoration.

We’re specialists at selling the varied apartments Bath has to offer from the elegant period, the graceful listed to those of a contemporary design. If you’re looking to purchase an apartment that has family at its core, at The Apartment Company we can provide you with all the advice and support you need to make the right decision for you and your family.