Why a smaller home could make you happier

One of the misconceptions about apartment living is that you have to compromise on space.

This is not always the case. In fact, the wealth of period architecture in Bath means rooms tend to have great proportions.  Yes, for some, apartment living may mean a smaller space, but did you know this could actually make you happier?
People buy a larger home for many reasons – they’ve outgrown the home they are living in; they receive a promotion and taking the next step up the property ladder seems the right move; they believe a larger property will be the home of their dreams; or they feel that’s what they are expected to do, due to their situation in life.  But sometimes chasing ‘bigger’ comes with its own stresses and may not bring the happiness you seek.
Break the cycle and see why you’d be happier in a smaller home.
Easier life
Maintaining any property takes time, energy and effort, but this is amplified when living in a larger home.  One of the many reasons that people choose an apartment is due to the lower maintenance costs and the easier life it gives them.  Cleaning and tidying time alone can be much reduced, giving you more time to get on with what really matters – living.
Too much is not always a good thing
How is it that the more space we have, the more we fill it with a variety of stuff, some necessary and, let’s be honest, a lot we can live without.  Living in a smaller space is mentally freeing, as you are not held hostage by the mountains of possessions seeping out of every pore of your home.
If you have ever watched Amazing Spaces you will have seen a growing tide of people creating exciting and frankly ingenious tiny spaces, some are to live in, some to travel, and others just for fun.  There is something really wonderful about letting go of ‘stuff’ and only keeping those things that truly bring us joy.  Maybe decluttering expert Marie Kondo has a point.
More family time
The more spaces you have in your property, the more it can divide you as a family.  How often do you find you’re all spending your evenings in separate rooms?  Smaller homes make us more social and encourage us to spend time together.  There can be no stronger argument for smaller homes than that.
Reduces costs
We’ve mentioned the lower maintenance costs but living in a smaller home can also reduce temptation costs.  Many of us will have bought items that we have hardly used. Remember that treadmill?  When you have a smaller home you have to really think about where it will be stored and if you really need it. The temptation to make random purchases is taken away.
Decorating costs are also reduced as your home is smaller, meaning you can perhaps make different and higher quality choices than you would have in a large home.
Smaller really can make you happier
An easier and happier life can be yours if you decide to look for a smaller home.  Why not let our team show you the many benefits of apartment living before you take that slippery slope down the ‘bigger is better’ path?