Why are we so negative about renting?

In the UK we have this inbred compulsion to own our own home, yet this need is completely the opposite to that of our European cousins.

So consumed are we in ‘generation rent’ and the negative connotations this evokes that we can often lose sight to the benefits and joys of renting a property.
We are not the only country to have a rental boom; it was reported last July that the number of households renting in the USA had risen to its highest point in 50 years.  Yet, speaking to many professionals, the decision to rent is more of a choice than a need due to the lifestyle changes we now experience daily.
Gone are the days of a ‘job for life’; nowadays, people can change jobs more than they change their cars.  This change often means a move to a different city, and owning a home can tie you to a specific region, whereas renting allows you to move where there are the most opportunities.
It is true that there is a different perspective on renting in Europe; for example, Berlin is seen as a renter’s paradise, but that’s because tenants can stay as long as they like, allowing their rental home to really become their forever home.  Although this practice is not available in England as yet, we are starting to see signs of change, which we are supportive of.
Landlords are starting to recognise the long-term benefits of longer leases; they are happy to work with great tenants to see their properties occupied rather than having to face the uncertainty that void periods bring. Allo­­wing tenants to feel they can have a longer relationship with a property gives them a greater sense of feeling at home.
One of the major benefits of being in Bath is the ability to live in a property that you probably wouldn’t be able to afford to buy.  You can have the pleasure of calling a piece of history your home without taking on all the costs associated with its maintenance and upkeep.   
One of the joys of renting is that, should you want to move, you can; you don’t have to wait to sell your home and go through all the necessary processes.  Once your tenancy agreement allows, you can simply start looking and moving.  You may wish to move to a different part of the city to be closer to friends, to overlook the river, or be right in the buzz of everything.
At The Apartment Company, prospective tenants are just as important to us as any other client.  You are certainly not treated in a different way; we value your business and always seek to establish a strong relationship.  Getting to know you allows us and your landlord to serve you better; we can anticipate your needs, and this mutual trust allows for more flexibility.
We understand that renting is just as important to you as buying, because at the end of the day,  all you want to do is find a home, and we are here to make it happen.  Don’t get caught up in the negativity about renting, we know what a positive experience it has been for so many of our current tenants.