Why buyers and tenants are turning their noses up at your apartment

Why buyers and tenants are turning their noses up at your apartment
There are many things you’ll do when preparing your apartment for sale or rent.  You will have taken time to make sure it’s looking great, but one of the most powerful mistakes you can make is to neglect another of your senses.  It doesn’t matter how perfectly you have staged your home, should your buyers or tenants detect an unwanted odour it could have them turning their noses up at your apartment.
Aromas have a strong impact on how we perceive the condition of a place, regardless of what the reality is.  This is why it’s so important to consult all your senses as you prepare to welcome buyers and tenants into your home.
It’s not always something that we consider, but if your apartment has, for example, been empty for a while before viewings begin, there could be a stale aroma.  This stale smell could have simply been caused by lack of ventilation, but a potential buyer might take a different view, wondering if there’s damp or another issue that cannot be seen. 
The last thing you want to do, though, is bombard your apartment with lots of pleasant scents, as strong aromas of any kind can have a negative effect.  Think more about eliminating any possible problem areas and adding natural scents that are subtle and more appealing to even the most sensitive of nostrils.
Bathrooms can be a major turnoff, which is why you need to ensure that its scent matches its cleanliness.  We know you will have scrubbed the bathroom so it’s sparkling clean, but be mindful of the products you use – it should be left with a smell that evokes calm and relaxation.  An easy way to leave a fresh and clean scent in your bathroom is to display any unused bars of fancy soaps you may have received as gifts over the years – apparently Dove is great for this.
Your kitchen is a hive of hidden smells, from what’s in your fridge, to last night’s dinner – the dishwasher and washing machine can also harbour an aroma or two.  Remember, when viewing a property your buyers and tenants will naturally be opening doors and you want them remembering how your kitchen looked, not the unusual smell they were met with.
Should you have pets, often you become immune to the scents they leave behind, which is why it’s important to clean your carpets and hide their beds and toys so you can minimise any of the smells they naturally leave.  Shampooing your carpet is worth doing regardless of if you have pets, as they trap a lot of bad smells.
No one wants a buyer or tenant turning their noses up at your apartment, which is why it’s important you consider all their senses when preparing your property for viewings.  At The Apartment Company we want to ensure that we do all we can to maximise the potential of your home, and often it’s paying attention to the details that makes all the difference.
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