Why ‘downsizing’ is a lifestyle choice that’s not just about space

‘Downsizing’ is the term that is used to describe moving from a larger property into one that is smaller and generally more economical.

Typically seen as a solution for the retired, those whose homes now feel too big to manage once their children have moved on to homes of their own.  Yet today, in an era when people are starting to re-focus their lives around the idea of working to live, we are seeing more and more people looking to ‘downsize’ for a wide range of reasons.

Discovering the reasons why a person wishes to buy or sell a property can be really enlightening.  We are blessed to be able to gain an insight into their lives, their wants, their needs, and how this move will be the solution they seek, whether that is due to location, needing more space, or even helping to create a specific lifestyle.  

Instead of the stereotypical ‘downsizers’ we are now seeing people from all generations looking to move somewhere smaller.  Having too much space is not the main driver for this new generation of downsizer; instead, their focus is creating a better life for them and their family.  Becoming mortgage-free is a dream for many, and by downsizing you will more than likely reduce your monthly outgoings, enabling you to be able to pay off your mortgage quicker.

By providing you with more financial freedom, downsizing will help you to experience more of what life has to offer, and in our experience that tends to involve travel.  With lower maintenance costs and being generally easier to maintain, an apartment is the obvious choice for those looking to see more of the world.   As your home will be smaller in stature it will use less energy, therefore reducing your costs as well as helping the environment.

VICTORIA BRIDGE COURT £575,000 (Click the photo to view the property) 

Apartment living also gives you an added sense of security, as there are more people living in your building to keep and eye on your home when you are away.  There is no doubt that homeowners who have downsized tend to be happier, as the sometimes overwhelming demands of owning a larger home are reduced.

With so many different styles and types of apartments on offer in Bath it is no wonder that apartment living is the preferred lifestyle for those looking to downsize.  From the stunning architectural delights of our renowned Georgian homes to those providing contemporary and dynamic living down by the river, the selection of properties available is diverse.

There are so many opportunities in Bath to help you find the home that will give you the life you’re looking for.  Downsizing may not be the right term for you, but our team at The Apartment Company knows how to turn your thoughts and ideas into a selection of properties for you to view. 

No matter what your future looks like, at The Apartment Company we’re here to make it happen.