Why is Bath the best city for first-time buyers?

Buying a home for the first time is a huge decision, one that is emotionally charged, from excitement to overwhelm.

We are all told that location, location, location is important, and if you haven’t made a particular city your home, you may be taking time to consider where the best place to invest is.  Moneysupermarket have researched the best and worst cities for first-time buyers, and we’re not surprised that Bath came out top for the best city, but why?
The research looked at six important factors: job opportunities, average salary, disposable income, rate of contents theft, and average property cost.  Moneysupemarket found that Bath received the highest score for job opportunities and was one of the best cities for disposable income.
With all its charm and charisma, Bath is a wonderful place to live and work but of course we’re very biased.  Apart from its stunning Georgian architectural façade, the Roman Baths, the chance to take a dip in the warm roof pool at Thermae Bath Spa, and the numerous nods to Jane Austen, what else does this hypnotic city have to offer?
Time to paddle
Some of our team tell us how much they enjoy the different perspective of the city when seen from the River Avon.  To many people living in Bath, the river still remains a secret spot, unknown and not often visited.  Sadly, you’re missing out on so much. 
There is only one way to take in everything the river has to offer and that’s on a Paddleboard.  The steady and relaxing pace of the sport is great for both the mind and body.  Combining surfing and paddling, it’s a fun way to travel no matter your ability.
Get close to the music
You can’t get more secret than attending a Sofar Sounds show.  Take an everyday space, it could be your living room or a shop, and watch them transform it into a captivating venue for a live performance.  You can’t get closer to the music than that.  But where are they?  The next one in Bath is on 4 April, but you won’t know where the venue is until the day.
Lose yourself in the page
Book lovers rejoice in this city, due to the numerous fantastic bookshops gracing our streets.  You can find everything from rare and first editions to the latest best seller.  We could rave about getting lost amongst the shelves, especially in the independent stores that seem to have as much character as the people written about within the pages on the shelves. 
One bookseller to note is Topping & Company, mainly due to the wealth of events that they organise.  With events listed up to November already, you’d better have your diary ready.
Are you willing to share your secrets of the city?
We would love to know what secrets of the city you have found. 
Bath has a wealth of secrets still to be discovered, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.  Come and see it through our eyes and we know you’ll be putting down roots and making it your home.