Why knowing what you want can lead to regret

Why knowing what you want can lead to regret

What will your new apartment look like? You have probably dreamed and dreamed of your new home, so you can describe it to a T.

We’re guessing you have a wish list close to hand, have searched for properties online for inspiration, and scoured magazines for ideas.  But have you thought about the possibility that knowing exactly what you want could lead to regret?
It’s rare to find an apartment that ticks all your boxes, which means there will need to be an element of compromise in your decision-making.  According to a recent survey by Which? Mortgage advisers, one of the biggest regrets of home buyers is having to compromise on location.
“Buying a home is a very emotive purchase. In an ideal world, we would be able to find our dream home in a great location, ticking everything off our list - but for most of us, some compromise is to be expected. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for somewhere that will leave you unhappy,” said David Blake, Principal Mortgage Adviser at Which? Mortgage Advisers.
Comprising doesn’t mean letting go of your dream, it just means amending it a little.  Dreams are ideals that we aspire to but, in reality, sticking rigidly to a preconceived notion of the apartment you want can hinder your search and often lead to regret.  This is because you are so fixated on what you see as ‘perfect’ that you completely discount anything that isn’t that, without a second glance.
It’s easy to see how this happens. You find a property in the ideal location, but it’s different to what you wanted.  Maybe it’s contemporary and you wanted period; maybe it’s open plan and you prefer a more traditional layout.  You decide on a Georgian-style apartment just out of the city that works within your budget. 
At first, all seems great. But then niggles start to appear. Your visions of being able to walk to the city centre to meet friends for drinks are gone.  The endless battle of commuting to work starts to take its toll, and this home you had dreamed of, starts to be stained with regrets.  Which? Mortgage Advisers found that a quarter of those who had compromised on location had sadly wished they hadn’t.
When you live in such a vibrant and heritage-filled city as Bath, it’s no wonder most people looking for a property in the area want a central location.  We know that buying a property centrally may mean you have to compromise on another area, but if you allow us, we will be able to show you should a wonderful selection of exciting apartments.
Compromise is certainly not a negative. At The Apartment Company we see it as a way of opening the door to other possibilities, including those properties that you may have instantly rejected previously.  Don’t let your rigid belief in what you want in your next home lead you to living with regret.




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