Why our property management is staying at home

There have been many well-documented changes in the lettings market over recent years, and most recently the tenant fee ban.  This ban has seen many letting agents re-think how they run their business, with services that were once offered in-house now being outsourced as a way of reducing costs.  But is this the best solution for their clients?  Our commitment to always providing the highest possible service to our landlords and tenants is why our property management is staying at home.
Property management is an essential, sometimes challenging and always rewarding part of managing a property on behalf of a landlord.  The idea that this important and crucial element of our service could be outsourced to a company in a cost-cutting exercise goes against everything that we At The Apartment Company believe in.
Effective property management comes down to relationships, our lettings manager Nicola Wilkes and her team are a fantastic example of how regular open and honest communication can benefit all involved.  Knowing and understanding the needs of both landlord and tenant is the basis of a successful tenancy.  It’s not only the relationship that’s key but a thorough understanding of the property, too.
How can you manage a property that you’ve never seen?
“By knowing every single property we manage intimately, we know we can provide the finest quality property management, just as our clients deserve,” states Nicola.  Our property management team regularly visit all the properties we manage. That way, we can notice any issues, but more than that, we can give clear and the best advice.  When you know an apartment the way we do, you can often pre-empt things before they happen, easing tenants’ concerns and reducing the bills that could mount up at a landlord’s door.
Having a relationship with you, the landlord, your tenants and your property, we can provide a level of care that no outsourced supplier could match, no matter how effective.  There is never any doubt at The Apartment Company when it comes to making decisions; if a change in our offering impacts the service we provide to our clients, it’s something we cannot commit to.
Outsourcing has its place in all businesses, but we would like to inform all our landlords that our property management service will continue to stay inside our walls. 
If you would like to discover how our lettings management team can support you and your Bath property portfolio, please contact Nicola on 01225 303870.