Why people are selling via online property auctions

As part of our commitment to embracing the latest cutting edge technologies to sell our apartments, we are launching next month an online property auction service, in association with IAMSold who have already sold 11,000 properties this way.


This innovative concept offers a twenty first century way to maximise interest in our apartments and achieve a fast, secure sale. We still list properties on our website with all the details and photographs, market them and arrange viewings in person, but we invite buyers to place bids online instead.


It may sound a bit different, but online property auctions boast many benefits for sellers.


For example, you get real time updates, 24/7 bidding, and useful tools such as automated bidding. A specific pricing and marketing strategy will help create increased levels of interest. This should lead to competitive bidding wars which naturally bring up the price and ensure people are paying market value.


You also get to set a reserve price, so you know your home won’t sell for anything less than what you’re happy with. Another added bonus is that there are fixed time scales for exchange and completion, making the sales process quicker, bringing confidence for both parties. Also, sellers don’t need to pay a fee.


Furthermore, you get the security of a sale, as the buyer has to pay a reservation fee to secure the property once they’ve won the bid.


Times have changed in how properties are sold which is why we strive to make sure we can provide both traditional and modern methods for our clients, so do let me know if I can help you too.