Why video tours will help sell your property quicker.

Ever since it’s launch in 2005 YouTube has been revolutionising the way we see and interact with video. It has continuously seen incredibly rapid growth, with millions watching everything from the crazy, bizarre to the informative and inspirational. For a number of years, businesses have also tapped into this resource to connect and engage with their customers. We too have been using various forms of video including property video tours. 


Nick Brown from who create our property tours states; “We have seen attitudes towards video change, companies such as The Apartment Company are seeing how video can help them in all sorts of ways where pictures and text really can’t reach. There is still a place for photographs and text but video is one way that can make your property stand out online.” 


But how have property tours benefited our vendors? The tours have been a huge success for those buyers from London and overseas who have been able to make decisions on property without actually viewing. We have also noticed a 30% increase in the number of buyers clicking on the property details with those with a video tour. Another significant change has been the number of actual viewings needed before an offer is made, thus speeding up the process.


You will be surprised to know that video tours are part of standard service. Nick Brown highlighted, “The tours provide a really personalised and rich experience for each property.” With a range of innovative features planned to enhance the experience for potential buyers, the power of property video tours is set to increase. Buyers tell us that they love them, especially because it makes viewing a property via a smart phone or tablet simple and effective.


How do you prepare your apartment for a video tour? For the biggest impact, you need to present your home for sale. For ideas, have a look at show homes; they are clutter free properties that project a lifestyle that can evoke emotions in buyers. Try and pack away personal photographs, as these can be distracting. If you would like advice on how to present your home for sale, please contact a member of our team who would only be too happy to help.


But is video the next fad or is it something that we need to invest in for our clients? According to a forecast by Cisco, consumer Internet video traffic will be 80 per cent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019. Experts are hard pressed to contradict this forecast due to the variety of ways video can be shared through social media. Having your property details in a video format makes it easy to be shared and therefore, can reach a larger audience extremely quickly. We have personally seen this in action as we posted our Christmas message (also a video) on Facebook and has reached to date 130,727 people and been shared over 830 times.


“If a picture paints 1,000 words then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million” – Forrester Research

We will continue to find ways aid your property sale and we know property video tours are a powerful tool to help sell your property quicker. Sell your home with The Apartment Company and let us add video to your marketing strategy free of charge. For more information on property tours and why you should use a specialist when selling an apartment, contact us today.