Why you must always remember that history sells

Why you must always remember that history sells
We all recognise how privileged we are to live in a city so steeped in history – no matter where we turn there is evidence of the past for us all to enjoy.  When you live in a city with such heritage, you become accustomed to what you see and often take it for granted.  You may be blessed to live in one of the many period homes, and if you are selling that home, always remember that history sells.
Lovers of period properties seek to buy one because of its history and architectural design.  They may be an avid fan of the Georgian period, swooning at the tall sash windows that pour light into every room.  They may long for the high ceilings that are beautifully decorated with ornate plasterwork. And they may lust after the symmetry that this period provides. 
Every home has a story to tell, but properties with heritage carry tales that have been passed down through generations.  Not all buyers that are looking for a property in Bath are local to the area, we attract many buyers from London and overseas.  You may be assuming that the story of your building is widely known or possibly not as interesting due to what sits around it, but we ask you to think again.
The history and stories of your home are an incredible way to attract potential buyers; we love to weave these tales from the past into the marketing materials that we produce.  They shed a different light on your property, one that draws a buyer in in ways that captivate their interest. 
You may not necessarily know the history of your apartment, but imagine the fascinating journey it will take you on, with a little bit of research.  There are many organisations that can help you to locate information in the city, and who knows what you will discover about the people who lived there before you?
Historic England advises that if your home is listed, you should first check out the National Heritage List for England.  The Archives and Local Studies Service at Bath Record Office have a wealth of resources and you can also access expert advice from their team.  You can request a research to be undertaken on your behalf should you be unable to visit their office.  They can conduct a small amount of research without charge, a great way to get you started, or even provide help if you get stuck.
When it comes to attracting potential buyers, history sells. Allow us to tell the story of your home and you’ll soon find yourself on the move.  For more advice on how to attract buyers to your apartment, contact our sales team today.


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