Why you should be 'dressing to impress' in Bath

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Bath is a very glamorous city, well acclaimed for its shopping, Georgian architecture, spas, restaurants, boutique cafes, hotels and so on. It’s of no surprise therefore, that our area tops the property rankings for sales and rental values. 


To take advantage of our high performing property market, interior design plays a fundamental role. Apartments must be ‘dressed to impress’ to achieve the best possible price quickly. So let me introduce you to a concept called home staging…


Initially a common practice for developers in London to give their properties the wow factor, home staging has become increasingly popular across the UK for estate agents to recommend to their clients.

Emberton House


Sellers engage a professional stager, who are highly skilled artists. They transform a property from a blank canvas into a master piece by adding textiles, furniture, accessories and so on. For example, a stager would implement best in class furnishings and finishes for a prestige apartment, to ensure it projects the opulent quality that buyers at that end of the market would expect.


Home staging can be a valuable tool because as we are still in a market where people are price conscious, apartments have to project good quality from every corner if they are to maximise their value and sell quickly. It can also be a cost-effective alternative to price reductions.


We therefore encourage some of our clients to use this concept. For example, home staging can bring a lot of life to an unfurnished apartment which can feel ‘soulless’ otherwise. This can apply to rentals too.


For more information and our top five home staging tips, do get in touch.