Your back to school guide to selling your home

As your kids are looking to return to school, many people are thinking of putting their homes on the market so they can be moved in before the festive season begins. To give you an insight into what to expect we have put together a back to school guide to selling your home with The Apartment Company.

For the love of stationary

I always remember my friends and I going to Woolworths to get our files, pens, pencil case and all those necessary items. Just like you prepare for your first day at school, so you must prepare your home for sale. Don’t see you home as a finished novel but a work a progress, at the moment it is your home, not you need to transform it into an apartment that buyers can see themselves living in.


The teaching staff

As teachers get to know their new pupils, as estate agents we want to get to know each and every client. Every property has its strengths and weaknesses, as every buyer and vendor has personal needs and circumstances. It is our role to understand every unique element and work to ensure a successful outcome from the first to the last day of term (or should we say the sales process).

Uniform ironed and ready

When putting on your uniform for the first time, whether it’s for school or a sports club, you want it to look smart and perfect. This is what you need to do when it comes to getting your home ready for a viewing. Think about the small details, not just ‘polishing your shoes’, but things that will help your property shine such as cleaning your windows and keeping surfaces clear of clutter.

The first day

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than the first day in a new school or class. You are full of a mixture of excitement and nerves, and the same is true when potential buyers come to view your apartment. We will guide them around your property highlighting the key features and sharing the story of your home.

Parents evening

This is your chance to meet the teachers and discuss the progress of your child. When we receive feedback on your viewing, we will provide you with a constructive insight into how the buyer has viewed your property. There may be room for improvement in which case with some small changes you can enhance the potential for a sale.


End of term exam

You have done everything you can and you have received an offer. You need to trust us to negotiate on your behalf to achieve you the best possible price for your property. The results are clear; our pricing strategy consistently performs to the delight of our vendors.


The new term begins

You have finished the first stage of your selling journey but now the real work begins. From this moment on you need to trust those parties you have contracted to work on your behalf, such as your solicitor.

Have your assignments in on time

During the sales process, you will need to ensure that you have all your documents ready when they are needed such as your deeds to your property, any certificates, and your lease.

My dog ate my homework

Any delays, such as not returning documentation, returning calls etc. can have a knock on effect down the chain. Delays make people nervous, the more nervous they get the more they wonder whether this is the right decision.

End of year show

You are nearly there, you can see the finish line – your six weeks holiday or in adult terms, moving into a new home. As soon as the contracts have exchanged and a possible moving date agreed you can now jump into character for your end of year show. The more preparation you take to get ready for your move the better your ‘performance’ will be on moving day.

Sell your home with The Apartment Company and you will find an A* service worthy of any school report.