Reduce your maintenance costs, with the Apartment Company and Fixflo

Maintenance costs can be a real issue, especially for smaller private landlords. But what if there was a system that could keep your costs as low as possible, save time, energy and effectively streamline your business? Let us introduce!

So what exactly is Fixflo, we hear you ask…

As the leading online software for agents to manage property repairs, did you know that more than 900 agency offices use this system in the UK now? With Fixflo your tenants’ can fix simple maintenance issues themselves, give you all the information you need whenever a repair is reported back, as well as providing full records to protect yourself and your investment. So using straightforward picture-based software, your tenants will be guided through an intuitive diagnostic tool to identify their precise issue; streamlining the repair process for everyone involved. 

And how does the Fixflo system save time and money?

At The Apartment Company we can honestly say that the Fixflo system has increased the number of ‘first time fixes’ on the many rental properties in Bath that we manage. Not only does it help boost our clients’ net yield directly through reduced contractor costs, but it cleverly advises your tenants on issues they’re responsible for too! Gone are the days trying to resolve minor issues yourself or contractors wasting time on bringing the wrong equipment along; the Fixflo system can intuitively do it for you!

Our Top Five Reasons to Use Fixflo:

1.     Dispute Reduction

The Fixflo system provides you with supporting evidence to avoid disputes, relating to the return of a tenant’s deposit further down the line. It also enables you to minimise any potential damages and protects your investment around the clock.

2.     Air-Tight Records.

The Property Ombudsman Scheme (TPOS) Code of Practice for Residential Letting Agents (“Code”) states that:

“You must keep clear and full written *records* of your relationship with landlords and tenants for at least six years. Those records must be produced when required by the Ombudsman.“

So when you use Fixflo any issues reported through it will have a time and date stamped upon them, with clear information of what has been reported by your tenant. These records are then retained online for easy access by us for six years, meaning that our landlord clients are fully complying with the Code.

3.     Time Saver for All Parties.

Not only does it save the landlord, tenant and contractor time but it also allows us to focus on fixing problems that require our niche expertise and knowledge. Meaning that the need for lengthy calls, emails and face-to-face interaction is significantly reduced.

Accessible to tenants in over 40 languages, we can also communicate a lot more effectively with your tenants who don’t speak English. What with Bath being such a multi-cultural haven, we deal with tenants on a daily basis whose first language isn't English, so this an ideal feature for Bath landlords.

4.     Support new Section 21 Notice Requirements

From October 2015 there is a new repairs process that agents and landlords must follow, in order to serve a valid Section 21 Notice. Under the Deregulation Act 2015, landlords are now unable to end a tenancy using a Section 21 notice if they fail to address a repairs complaint, which is then referred to a local authority. Furthermore, from the start of a new tenancy landlords must now provide their tenants with a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), an annual gas Safety Certificate and a copy of the government's How To Rent guide in order to legally serve a Section 21 eviction notice in the future. But those that use the Fixflo system will avoid such risks of litigation and reputational damage, through this revolutionary management system.

5.     Flexibility

There are three different types of Fixflo management systems at your disposal, meaning that all private landlords can use it. These are Fixflo, Fixflo Plus and Fixflo Block Management.

Please get in touch with one of the Apartment Company staff today for more details on this radical new software - call 01225 303870 now!

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