Top floor apartments vs. courtyard/garden apartments: which is right for you?

While searching for an apartment in Bath, you’re faced with an important decision; which apartment level is best for you? While there are benefits for each, there is one that tends to come out on top! Find out which one might fit your lifestyle best:

Courtyard/garden apartments

If you’ve never seen the beautiful apartments that exist in the centre of Bath, you may not know which the “courtyard apartment” is. These beautiful Georgian style buildings have apartments that are down steps to below ground. There you’ll find one of the best floors you can occupy.

Not only is no one living below, so there’s no need to worry about making a noise when walking around, but the ease of walking down a few steps instead of walking up many is wonderful for access. The courtyard apartments usually get the outside space- whether that may be a courtyard or garden, which are perfect for get-togethers, and during the summer, or in a heat wave, the courtyard/garden floor remains cooler, allowing you to save money on air conditioning and fans.

There’s also a quiet that comes from being below ground that will relax you when you return home after a long day, and these apartments will sometimes have the advantage of their own front door which is accessed via an external set of steps.

Ground floor apartments

The ground floor is the easy access apartment, with no stairs to negotiate. This is usually a perfect apartment for someone looking to downsize, with a lot of natural light flooding in, brightening up your day, and the views onto the bustling street give you a wonderful city vibe within.

1st floor apartments

Apartment dwellers on the 1st floors find themselves with some wonderful benefits. Access remains easy for bringing in groceries with only 1 level of stairs.

An added benefit to these wonderful Georgian apartments is that the 1st floor used to be the living quarters of the building, and so was purpose-built to be the ideal place to live. It has high ceilings and large windows, which make the rooms naturally bigger, brighter and more airy, with a touch of grandeur, and if you’re lucky, it will retain its beautiful, original features.  

These many benefits are why the 1st floor tends to be the premium, most sought after floors, which tend to sell and let fast!

Top floor apartments

Top floor apartments offer wonderful Bath city views, and often get more natural light through the windows. Heat rises, so you’ll save money on heating bills in the winter and find yourself comfortable coming home from work, with the rooms already warm. Your apartment will remain quiet with no noise coming from above, and some apartments even go into the roof, giving a stunning slanted ceiling to many of the rooms, and a great deal of added character.

The right floor for you depends on your preferences and lifestyle, ask your agent for advice if you’re not sure in your decision.

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